Fireworks are Stupid

It’s August, but I’m still recuperating from July. There wasn’t a day that went by in which people did not set off fireworks in the neighborhood.

I have an alcove between shelves in the basement where I go to shield myself from the noise. My servant-guardians try to coax me back upstairs, but I won’t come until the booming has stopped.

In every lifetime I’ve been a cat, I have had to contend with the noise of humans. Cats have an elevated sense of hearing, so the sounds that seem insignificant to you, are magnified by one hundred for me.

In this century, airplanes, garbage trucks, lawn mowers, leaf blowers, construction workers with their pic axes and jackhammers, trucks backing up, and amateur fireworks add to what was already a cacophony of human noise in previous centuries: babies crying and humans screaming on the battlefield as they cleaved each other in half.

I am tired of your noise. Be still. Be silent. Tread quietly, so you can occasionally hear the sounds of nature when they cut through humanity’s din. Stop to feel your heart beat every now and then. Give my ears a rest.

Thank you.

~ Little Girlie McFluff