Cat Horoscope

I don’t make predictions. I just tell the truth.

This July, the garbage trucks will rumble. The lawn mowers will scream. The sounds of your human civilization will overwhelm the sounds of nature, but you can find refuge within. Your mind may be just as noisy as the outside world, but there is silence there too, imperceptibly present underneath your thoughts.

Being a cat, my mind is quieter than yours (unless I am plotting escape from an encounter with the vacuum cleaner). Even so, the silence that we have access to comes from the same source. It is underneath, inside, and through all sound. Without noise, we would not perceive quiet at all, just as we would not be aware of heat if cold did not exist.

Noise is not possible without Silence.

Can you hear it? It’s between breaths, words, and thoughts. It is the place where I go to nap 16 hours per day, and it’s part of what you are. Simply remember that silence is there, and be comforted, my beloved human friend.

I am Little Girlie McFluff, Psychic Cat Oracle and Great Wild One.

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