I Am a Killer

I am a killer, but not all the time. Sometimes a mouse eludes me and I am unable to deliver the kill-bite I dream of delivering.

Last week there was a mouse in the basement. I could have ended it’s life easily, but instead I chose to bring it upstairs and play with it in the living room. I caught it and let it go. It ran, and I caught it again. I did this for hours while Jessica and her husband (my servant-guardians) were asleep.

But then something unimaginable happened! The mouse ran into Jessica and Colin’s bedroom and hid inside their dresser, just to get away from me. I got weary of waiting for it to come out and wandered off to get some sleep.

Three days passed, and there was a big to-do. Jessica and Colin moved their dresser outside for a purpose that made no sense to me. I thought it smelled great. All the clothes inside had to be washed, again for a reason I don’t comprehend. That’s when the dryer broke, and Colin’s socks had to be dried by the light of the sun.

The birds and squirrels that witnessed the death-dresser being moved into the sunlight knew that it was because I had cornered the mouse. I sent a telepathic message to all of the animals, communicating that even though I did not officially kill the mouse, I could have killed it many times before it hid from me and took its last breath inside one of the dresser drawers.

Birds, fly away! Mice, run! For I am Cat — the most glorious being ever created. But do not envy me, dear human friend. All you need to do to be as great as I am, is to quit worrying and thinking. Start being. Being is easy. You can start by noticing how you feel in this moment, and experiencing it fully.

Do not worry and think. Be and experience.

Of course, being and experiencing will be different than what you have become accustomed to — your mind overcompensating for your lack of physical exertion. Your species has become quite sedentary. And when one aspect of yourself is under-utilized, another must compensate, and so your minds have become very bossy and very big. Indeed, I do not know how your brain fits inside the confines of your skull.

Perhaps set a timer, and each time it rings, remember to breathe and experience this moment. It might help you reclaim your physical aspect by stalking something. I’m going back down to the basement now.

Until next time,

I am Little Girlie McFluff, Psychic Cat Oracle and Great Wild One.


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