Do Cats Like Music?

My followers have been relentlessly asking what music I like, and if cats like music at all. Indeed, your scientists have found that cats do respond to music that is “species-appropriate.” If you are a servant-guardian to a cat and would like to play species-appropriate music for him or her, look into Music For Cats composed by David Teie. My servant-guardian purchased this music for me, and the research is true: My cat biology responds intuitively to the frequencies deliberately placed inside the music.

But since I’ve lived over 500 lifetimes as a human being before I decided to incarnate as a cat, I have a very developed ear for human music. I briefly went through a gregorian chant phase after remembering one of my lives during the middle ages. Back then, we didn’t allow ourselves to make music too complex or melodious because the church said that the devil lived in such music.

Now I tend to gravitate toward music that is raw and wild, like I am. If I had to choose one favorite artist and song for the moment (as I never commit to anything long-term), it would be this one. Go ahead and give it a listen, my human friend. It will help you reclaim and embrace your deep, wild nature.

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