Little Girlie predicts the rest of spring

Hello my friend…

I don’t make predictions. I just tell the truth.

The squirrels are going to continue making a big racket in the trees at night, and I am going to listen to them. And you, my dear human friend — you are going to continue your evolution, although you may feel that nothing is changing in your experience. You may feel stuck with the same old thoughts, attitudes, and situations — but I see how you are shifting and growing. You are in constant motion, sending out frequencies of all kinds. I know this because I can hear them, and astoundingly, they are louder than the feisty squirrels!

You have a vibration that is completely unique. Your special sound or “bell” may have a crack or dent in it forged by past difficulties, but that’s what lets you make a sound like no other. I could listen to your particular ring all day long and not get tired — that is, until it’s time for my 16-hour nap.

Own your sound, even if it comes out strained or garbled. Don’t strive for perfection. This is your special ring, and the whole universe rejoices because you are here. And I am happy that we are alive together, intertwining our harmonies on a spring day. Enjoy it, my beloved human friend.

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